Swarms in 2022-23

In June 2022, the destructive Varroa Mite was detected in the Port of Newcastle and has subsequently spread throughout Newcastle and Lower Hunter region and to some locations across the Central Coast. The Varroa Mite has potentially devastating impacts on Australia’s honey bees and related industries (For more information click here).

Due to the discovery of the Varroa Mite, the Department of Primary Industries has significantly restricted the activities of Beekeepers with regards to the collection of swarms. Should you have a swarm in your area, please contact the DPI Emergency Response Hotline on 1800 084 811 and report the swarm and its location. They will advise you as to your options for dealing with the swarm.

With the weather warming up now we will have significant chances of swarms. As the Central Coast is currently in the red zone these swarms will need to be euthanized.

The DPI has teams ready at Somersby to be deployed once they receive notification of swarms.

If you find a swarm, please contact:-

Jerome Favand
Field Crew Supervisor – WEHBMP
National Varroa Mite Response
NSW Department of Primary Industries
Phone: 0447251945

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